Cultuurnet Vlaanderen

cultuurnet Vlaanderen Wouter Simons, Cultuurnet Vlaanderen:

I designed a new case for our uitpas loyalty card system. lasered casing parts for it. They where very accurate and extremely speedy. We had the product in our hands 2 days after sending the files. Packaging and shipping were well done. We got reliable service, without any unnecesary add-ons.


FOSDEM vzw Gerry Demaret, FOSDEM vzw:

Five hundred pieces of video gear and a hodgepodge of cables, spread across twenty-five auditoria. A madhouse. That was the state of affairs before we asked to do something about it. The result was fifty compact cases. Ten times less cabling. Our video setup is now working as it should, thanks to

Kristina Soloha

Kristina Soloha, wedding host Kristina Soloha, wedding host, Riga, Latvia:

As a wedding host, I ended up with while looking for a solution for my customers. They wanted to invite their wedding guests in a personal way. produces personalised wooden fridge magnets. Those turned out to be very popular with guests.