what size of materials can you process?

    We can laser up to 1200x600mm sheets. An example. For objects exceeding these limits, splitting them up into smaller, easily-to-ship-and-assemble objects is often the easiest and most cost effective way. Also, our CNC partner has 2500x1300mm limits.

    what thickness of materials can you process?

    Maximum thickness per layer depends on the material: acrylic 15mm, birch plywood 12mm, more for many softer materials.

    Quite a few of our successful multi layer projects did away with these limitations. Also, our CNC partner helps process thicker materials.

    what materials can you process?

    See our blog for a quick visual idea. Our speciality is birch plywood, and we do a lot of acrylic.

    Other materials we laser:

    • wood products: veneer, mdf and cork
    • textile: cotton, felt and leather
    • paper and cardboard
    • plastics: POM/Delrin, polypropylene and polyethylene
    • metal (engraving only!): aluminium

    Would you like us to process your custom material? If we can safely process it, we will happily do so. Please get in touch.

    lead times.

    • We ship every working day.
    • Zero lead time for stock items like basic raspberry pi cases. Ask us about them!
    • Simple custom work can usually be done in one working day. Please let us know if your order requires urgent processing and we will try our magic.


    How do I prepare my design for lasering?

    We will do our best to work with whatever you send us. If you want to save money by preparing your design yourself, here’s a few hints:


    shipping time

    • To Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Scandinavia, sub 2 kg packages generally arrive in two to three working days. Bigger packages over 2 kg or large volume take about four working days.
    • Shipping within the rest of the EU may take up to five working days.
    • Shipping to the Baltics is usually faster.
    • We can have express shipments at your doorstep in one working day, everywhere in the EU excluding overseas territories. Please contact us for more information.

    which shipping carriers do you use?

    • Small standard shipments under 2kg we send using the national post system, Latvijas pasts. For all but the smallest orders, you will receive a tracking code.
    • Bigger standard shipments are usually sent using DPD. You will of course also receive a tracking code for these.

    Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any further questions!