videobox bottom plate

FOSDEM is a yearly conference of free and open source software developers with about 8000 visitors to 24 auditoria in parallel. They approached us to build a simple solution to structure their video devices and cabling. This turned from minimal cable management into a set of 50 custom wooden embedded cases. We did:

  • design, including sourcing new electronic components
  • production of the laser cut parts
  • assembly of both mechanical and electronic components
  • mechanical and software testing

The electronics are all carefully selected 5 and 12V components. That enables the use of a low-profile low-noise computer PSU.

As you can see from the pictures, all components have been stripped to the naked PCB where possible. That lowers weightn, makes assembly easier, and, more importantly, helps air flow and cooling.

For cooling, an ultra strong honeycomb structure was cut out of the side of the box. The airflow runs from these holes to the psu, across the only component that develops any heat: the BlackMagick H264 encoder.

video box

The front panel was built using high quality Neutrik connectors and has a builtin LCD. That last one especially required some creative design skill.

T slot joints are a standard technique for building laser cut cases. Cases assembled like this are incredibly strong.

Did I mention we also had custom flight cases built?

video boxes in flight case